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Pocket Money APP is the best ever Android application to organize your income and expenses in three simple clicks.

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Pocket Money APP Features

Manage your daily and monthly income and expensese in simple and effect way .

Friendly Interface

Enjoy the most creative input method by voice recognition, access your app everywhere from your gadget, and customize the app for your best settings. .

Targets and Plans

You have the ability to track your daily and monthly expense by comparing them with fixed predefined values for either monthly and daily targets. It also offers called plan mode. This is an optional feature which benefits you in the scheduling of your plans process in an easy way,

Informative Reports

App offers you the opportunity to get four types of informative reports which give you a feed back about how did you act within a day or month, and also how it is expected that you will act in the future according to your input. These reports are: Daily, monthly, future.

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Home Page

Pocket money application offers you two different procedures to set your income and expenses in the input option, these two procedures are typing and voice procedures..

Beautiful, modern design

Enjoy our modern design,make use of the power of simplicity ! .

Easy to set up

Find the best way for customizing our app for your use !.

All you want from the Reports

The Daily Report

The daily report shows you your total income and expenses, and your start balance (your cumulative balance from the last days) and also if any variance exists in these values..

Future Rep

In future report, a warning letter will appear if you exceeded your monthly salary, which you have already determined in the settingss

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Awesome Features

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In order to choose your input method, go to the application setting and select your input method (typing or voice recording).


In order to enable target feature, from the first tap enter the daily and monthly targets, also you can go to settings, and enable target pop up..



You can enable plan mode from the input tap; also it can be enabled from the application setting.


Choose your input method, choose your currency, input your salary, enable and disable pop ups, and browse or rich help.